Chapter #3 How to Achieve Sales and Marketing Alignment

Traditional sales and marketing silos fail to appropriately capitalize on the value of digital content marketing. A One-way content flow and limited end-of-funnel awareness cripples sales rep effectiveness, curtails marketing contribution to revenue, and turns off potential leads. 

In our third chapter of our Sales Enablement Success Series we explain the need for sales and marketing alignment, the evolving roles of both departments, tactics to employ, and best practice recommendations for long term success.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Reasons to prioritize sales and marketing alignment;
  • The evolving roles of sales and marketing in today's marketplace;
  • How the growth of inbound marketing influences future strategy;
  • 9 Tactics to employ for improved sales and marketing collaboration with specific ROI outcomes;
  • 6 Best practices for long term sales and marketing alignment;
  • Insight into how data and content consumption awareness facilitate alignment, collaboration, and innovation for digital content marketing.

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